FIFA Arab Cup
My Last work CG Promotion for FIFA Arab Cup under Alkass Tv production. 
From Fifa Brand Manual, the inspiration for this promo design comes from the traditional keffiyeh.This is widely known in the Arab world, and indeed far beyond, as a symbol of solidarity and togetherness. 
The decorations that embellish the emblem are symbols that express traditional Arab professions. They detail trades that were mastered in ancient times and are still practiced today, from cultivating the land, building upon it and exploring its trade routes, to fishing, diving and living all its adventures. These jobs are ones that the Arab world has excelled at, generation after generation.

Design, CG Direction, FX, Rendering, Compositing, sound fx: Rachid Jader
Client: Al Kass tv channels
Software Used: Cinema 4D // Maya // After Effects // xparticles // Redshift

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